To respond to the ever-changing market needs of the rapidly moving world, our curricular is enriched with knowledge from Business Management and other relevant fields of studies based on a multidisciplinary approach focused on addressing issues in the modern business world. Undergraduates who complete the first part of their degree program (General BBA subjects) can join the Business Management specialization degree which is offered by the Department of Business Management. This degree provides knowledge, skills, and competencies, and inculcates the right attitudes to be managers who are worthy citizens of this global society. Upon the successful completion of the Business Management degree, graduates will have excellent career prospects with a high degree of scholarship, professionalism, and humanity suited for global and local contexts.


Name of Qualification  Bachelor of Business Administration Honors (Business Management)  
Abbreviated Qualifications  BBA Hons (Business Management)
Medium English
Number of Credits   120
Duration 4 Years
SLQF  Level  6
New Syllabus
1000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 11013 Principles of Management
BBA 11023 Business Mathematics and Statistics
BBA 11033 Microeconomics
BBA 11043 Information and Communication Technology
BBA 11053 Business English
1000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 12013 Entrepreneurship
BBA 12023 Financial Accounting
BBA 12033 Human Resource Management
BBA 12043 Introductory Finance
BBA 12053 Marketing Management
2000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 21013 Cost and Management Accounting
BBA 21023 Macroeconomics
BBA 21033 Organizational Behavior
BBA 21043 Operations Research
BBA 21053 Advanced Business English
2000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 22013 Business Law
BBA 22023 Operations Management
MGT 22503 Creativity and Innovation
MGT 22513 Career Management
MGT 22523 Taxation
3000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 31013 Management Information Systems
MGT 31503 Project Management
MGT 31513 International Business
MGT 31523 Customer Relationship Management
MGT 31533 E-Commerce
3000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 32013 Strategic Management
MGT 32503 Research Methodology
MGT 32513 Audit and Assurance
MGT 32523 Industrial Sociology and Social psychology
MGT 32533 Knowledge Management
4000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 41013 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MGT 41503 Productivity and Quality Management
MGT 41513 Corporate Culture and Leadership
MGT 41523 Enterprise Resource Planning
MGT 41533 Business Analytics
4000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 42019 Dissertation
BBA 42026 Internship
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