logo acc The Circle of Accounting was established with the aim of conducting a wide variety of educational programs, social programs, and interactive leadership activities to gain splendid skills and extensive knowledge of dealing with the people and to organize educational and non educational programs. These programs focus not only the personnel development of the students but also the development of the University and the wellbeing of the society. To achieve the main aim of COA, they raise fund conducting different activities and arrange many useful seminars, workshops, programs and social events. "A new way for perfection" is the slogan of COA and it discovers new ways to serve the students and the society. The specialty of the COA is that it welcomes the participation of all other students of the faculty and University for their most of the programs and hence it helps to bridge the knowledge gap among the students.


Our Objectives

  • To maintain relationships among professionals and professional bodies in the field of Accounting for the purpose of gaining benefits acquiring their expertise, experiences to the university undergraduates.
  • To deliver explored knowledge to the university community.
  • To contribute to uplift the academic setup in the university.

Office Bearers -Academic Members

Patron Prof. Manjula K. Wanniarachchige, Dean/ Faculty of Management and Finance
Advisor Mr. K.G.P.V. Gunarathna, Head/ Department of Accountancy
Co-Advisor Mr. Deepal A. Guruge, Senior Lecturer, Department of Accountancy
Senior Treasurer Mr. Y.M.B.A. Manawansha, Senior Lecturer, Department of Accountancy

Office Bearers -Students


President  Thisaru Thotagamuwa MF/2020/6384  3 rd Year
Senior Vice President

 Samantha M. Bandara


 3 rd Year
 Junior Vice president

Nilupul D. Bandara


 2 nd Year

 I. Nimesha Upamali Rajapaksa


 3 rd Year
Senior vice secretary A.K.A.E.Wijesooriya MF/2020/6426  3 rd Year
Junior vice secretary

 D.P. Tharushi Navodya


 2 nd Year
Junior Treasurer



 2 nd Year
Senior Editors


MF/2020/6325  3 rd Year
 K.M.D.M.Senavirathna  MF/2020/6203  3 rd Year
A.M.S.B.K. Karunaratna  MF/2020/6196  3 rd Year
Junior Editors

 G.K.D.A.I. Senadheera 

MF/2021/7186  2 nd Year
 D. Lokugamage  MF/2021/7157  2 nd Year
A.M.S.S Karunaratna MF/2021/6625  2 nd Year
senior committee members


MF/2020/6194  2 nd Year
 Nuwan K. Rajapaksha MF/2020/6483  3 rd Year
S.C.Thenuwara MF/2020/5960  3 rd Year
K.H. Janitha Navod MF/2020/6039  3 rd Year
K.S.M. Gunaratna MF/2020/6232  3 rd Year
W.A.T. Gayathri MF/2020/6471  3 rd Year
A.D.A.K. Thilakarathna MF/2020/6029  3 rd Year
M.G.K.Gimhani MF/2020/6171  3 rd Year
Junior Editors

 G.K.D.A.I. Senadheera 

MF/2021/7186  2 nd Year
 D. Lokugamage  MF/2021/7157  2 nd Year
A.M.S.S Karunaratna MF/2021/6625  2 nd Year
A.M. Sakshila Nadami Karunaratna MF/2021/6641  2 nd Year



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Faculty of Management &Finance,

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Sri Lanka.

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