All students enrolled in the Faculty of Management and Finance is required to follow a common curriculum in first five semesters. The common program is intended to provide a thorough understanding of basic concepts in all functional areas in Business Management with a view to give them an opportunity to make better-informed choice of the specialization area for the last three semesters of the degree program. With the BBA Degree specialized in Entrepreneurship, Department aims to develop students with sound entrepreneurial attributes who could immensely contribute to Sri Lankan economy by starting and running a venture.


Specialized Course Modules

Old Syllabus New Syllabus
2000 Level 2nd Semester
ENT 2220 Business Development Services and Consultancy Skills ENT 22203 Creativity and Innovation
ENT 2221 Micro Finance ENT 22213 Entrepreneurial Finance
ENT 2222 Creativity and Innovation ENT 22223 Venture Creation
3000 Level 1st Semester
ENT 3120 Legal Issues and Tax Planning ENT 31203 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
ENT 3121 Venture Creation ENT 31213 Microfinance
ENT 3122 Entrepreneurial Finance ENT 31223 Tax Planning for an Entrepreneurial Venture
    ENT 31233 Project Management
3000 Level 2nd Semester
ENT 3220 Tourism and Entrepreneurship ENT 32203 Business Development Services and Consultancy Skills
ENT 3221 Social and Green Entrepreneurship ENT 32213 Social and Green Entrepreneurship
ENT 3222 Venture Strategies ENT 32223 Tourism Entrepreneurship
    ENT 32233 Venture Strategies
4000 Level 1st Semester
ENT 4120 Corporate Entrepreneurship ENT 41203 Corporate Entrepreneurship
ENT 4121 Entrepreneurship and Regional Development ENT 41213 Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
ENT 4122 International Entrepreneurship ENT 41223 Research Methodology
ENT 4123 Research Methodology ENT 41233 International Entrepreneurship
4000 Level 2nd Semester    
    ENT 42019  Dissertation
    ENT 42026 Internship

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