English Language and ICT Teaching


 The Faculty of Management and Finance is committed to develop of soft skills such as English language and ICT which are indispensable for a thriving career in the field of Management. Thus, the faculty has implemented the following programmes and facilities to cater to this particular need.

English Language  

All degree programmes include two Business English-focused modules, which will enhance the existing English language skills of all undergraduates to include skills and styles required in business, and business-related contexts. Apart from these, the faculty also attempts to address the need of students to ameliorate basic English language skills needed for their undergraduate studies through the English Language Intensive Course (ELIC). Further, the faculty also hopes to launch a continuous English skill development Programme (ELIP), which would gradually develop student language skills to be on par with what is required of them in a professional environment.

Information Communication Technology

The Computer Unit is one of the supporting units of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Ruhuna. At present, the Computer Unit comprises two computer labs with 125 nodes and 50 nodes of fully networked computers and other infrastructure facilities. The unit currently serves approximately 1400 undergraduates, 100 postgraduates, and 70 staff members.

The Computer Unit coordinates Information and Communication Technology course units and other ICT-related teaching and learning activities. The Computer Unit is also responsible for developing and maintaining the faculty website, email services, computer network, the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Student Information System. The Unit also provides technical support for the staff and students of the faculty


Manjula K. Wanniarachchige, (Dr.), (Prof) 
PhD (APU, Japan), MBA (APU, Japan), BBA (Ruh, SL)

+94 718411350

English Language Teaching Staff

Onandi .W, (Ms) 

BA (Kel, SL), Reading for MA (Kel, SL)

Lecturer (Probationary)
+94 41 2222681/2 (Ext:15100)

ICT Teaching Staff

Abeykoon B.B.D.S., (Mrs.)
BIIT (UWU,SL) MBA (Business Analytics-UCSC,SL) M.Phil. in Reading (Ruh,SL)
+94 41 2222681/2 (Ext:15100)

Bhathiya T.G., (Mr.)
 MSc in IT (UoM, SL), BSc (Ruh, SL)

Programmer cum System Analyst, Computer Unit
+94 71 8301437

Chandana Pushpakumara H.M., (Dr.)
PhD (SJP,SL), MSc (UCSC, SL), BSc (Ruh, SL)

Instructor in Computer Technology
+94 71 8374916

Samantha R. Liyanage, (Mr.)
BSc (Ruh, SL), Mphil (Ruh, SL)

Instructor in Computer Technology
+94 716 857 597
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