Samantha Kumara P.A.P., (Dr.) (Prof.)

Welcome to the Faculty of Management and Finance! For more than a decade, the Faculty of Management and Finance (FMF), University of Ruhuna has produced path-breaking ideas with lasting impact on the theory and practice of management, and has trained generations of leaders in Sri Lanka who have helped shape the world of business. From its inception, the FMF has a distinctive intellectual tradition that thrives on public debate and cultivates academic rigor. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are delivered by an outstanding faculty characterized by a powerful combination of formal academic training coupled with business experience. The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA) offers subject combinations to gain the skills and competencies necessary for the development of your creative and critical decision making capabilities to the competitive global business environment. The Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) focuses to navigate the changes in complex and dynamic business environment, and to use them to create new opportunities. Moreover, the FMF, presently, dedicates its full of breath to introduce a new postgraduate degree, Master of Business Management (MBM). Our degree programs equip emerging leaders with the knowledge, research insights and personal effectiveness skills to make an impact on business organizations, with quality, rigour, and relevance. To equip students with the best possible opportunities, our academics conduct world-class research on an on-going basis. Nevertheless, Our faculty members are highly sought after by corporations, industries and governments to help solve some of the most challenging business and societal challenges.

They understand what students need to know in order to become leaders possessing an innovative and analytical mindset that propels them to the forefront of their chosen fields. It's this partnership between student and academic that accounts for why we are so highly ranked for both student satisfaction and graduate employability. It is difficult to capture the extreme effort put forth by faculty and staff to provide students enrolled in the Faculty of Management and Finance with a sense of confidence and excitement about their professional future. Thus, I hope you will go beyond your visit to our website and take the opportunity to visit our faculty and experience for yourself the positive attitude.

Web Team - Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Ruhuna.