Ruhuna Management Consultancy Services Unit (RMCSU)


The University of Ruhuna, as one of the leading universities in Sri Lanka, and being located as the only state university in the Southern part of the country plays a remarkable role with its vision to be the prime intellectual thrust of the nation, which has been recognized for its excellence in teaching, research and varieties of services offered to the regional, national and international communities. The Faculty of Management and Finance as one of the major pillars of the University of Ruhuna is committed to provide quality education, promote research culture in management discipline, build and maintain strong industrial partnerships and enhance community development. The Faculty recognizes the increasing recognition of entrepreneurship as a source of job creation and thus has established a separate department and introduced a degree programme specialized in Entrepreneurship to promote undergraduates to strengthen their career as entrepreneurs.

 The Faculty of Management and Finance firmly believes that it is a timely responsibility to empower micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs and uplift their economic and socio-cultural standards in order to serve the nation more efficiently and effectively. Accordingly, with the establishment of this unit, the Faculty of Management and Finance, the University of Ruhuna wish to extend its services to serve society, especially to empower micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs and disseminate the knowledge and experience of the academic staff by serving as consultants and advisors to promote the entrepreneurship and utilize the knowledge and skills of postgraduate and undergraduate students for the betterment of micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs by making a significant contribution to the regional and national development of the country.


Karunaratna A.C., (Dr). (Prof)
Karunaratna A.C., (Dr). (Prof)Senior
Manjula K. Wanniarachchige, (Dr.). (Prof)
Manjula K. Wanniarachchige, (Dr.). (Prof)Senior
Tissa Hemaratne, (Dr.)
Tissa Hemaratne, (Dr.)Senior
Wijesundara T.R., (Dr.)
Wijesundara T.R., (Dr.) Senior Lecturer
Deepika Dissanayake D.M.R., (Mrs.)
Deepika Dissanayake D.M.R., (Mrs.)
Sadeesha Dulsari W.G.M. (Ms)
Sadeesha Dulsari W.G.M. (Ms)Lecturer (Probationary)

The Objectives of the Unit

· To empower micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs and contribute to uplift the economic and social standards of them.

· To establish a platform to disseminate knowledge in key areas including marketing, accounting and budgeting etc. and develop the managerial skills of entrepreneurs.

· To encourage entrepreneurs to innovate and make value additions with the contribution of sister faculties.

· To develop a bridge of networking and coordinating with government/non-government organizations to reach the necessary services for micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

· To utilize the knowledge and skills of postgraduate and undergraduate students to enhance the performance of entrepreneurs.
· To maintain a database of entrepreneurs who need the services and consultancies.

News and Workshops

Workshop Series conducted for the Director Board Members, Executive Members, and Development Officers of the Corporative Societies in the Southern Province
The XPRESS Project to Promote Export-oriented SMEs in Collaboration with USAID and Ruhuna Management Consultancy Services Unit
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