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The Faculty of Management and Finance Student Information System (FOMSIS) is integrated with the Ruhuna University Management Information System (RUMIS). All student registrations are handled through FOMSIS since 2013.

Study Circles

Circle of Accounting
The Circle of Accounting was established with the aim of conducting a wide variety of educational programs, social programs, and interactive leadership activities to gain splendid skills and extensive knowledge of dealing with the people and to organize educational and non educational programs.
Circle of HRD
The Circle of Human Resources Development was established with the aim of providing a successful output for the job market who has an ability to effective management of people to get competitive advantage. It is based on the belief that human resources are uniquely important to sustained business success.
Circle of Marketing
The Circle of Marketing plays an imperative role by assisting to produce talented and competent marketers to the society. Being simply unique, it has made a strong cohesion among the members of the circle to accomplish various objectives.
Circle of Entrepreneurship Study
The Circle of Entrepreneurship was established with the aim of enhancing entrepreneurial skills of the students in national and international context. Mission of the circle is contributing to create an entrepreneurial culture in the country by coordinating with entrepreneurship related organizations and individuals and generating youth with entrepreneurial knowledge to donate social and human capital for develop economically prosperous nation.


The University provides hostel facilities only for a limited number of students. However, further expansion of this facility is envisaged. Priority will be given for the First and Final year students. A few university-owned buildings and rented houses are being used as student hostels. Accommodation facilities are given according to the student ratio in each faculty located in the Wellamadama Complex. Student hostels are located in Maddewatta, Pamburana and inside the main university premises.
Scholarships and Awards
Students are offered following financial assistance for their university education.
  • Mahapola higher education scholarships
  • Student bursaries
  • Other scholarships
In addition, there is a number of Merit Scholarships and awards(Harischandra Gold Medal, Awards provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka and Lucky Lanka Milk processing Ltd ) offered to the students with extraordinary performance.
Library and Reading
The Main Library of the University of Ruhuna situated in the University premises at Wellamadama, Matara. The Library posses resource collections about Mathematics, Computer Science, Zoology, Botany, Fish Biology, Physics, Management, Economics, Languages, History, Geography, Education, Physical Education, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture and are classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).
Student Welfare
The Students' welfare Branch at the University look after the needs of the students outside their courses. It is located in the second floor of the Administration Building. Services such as student registration, Mahapola scholarships, bursaries, provisions of students' hostels and cafeterias are operated by the students' affairs branch. Further there is a counseling service to help the students in problems that affect their studies.The university medical center provides medical facilities for the students who suffer from health problems.
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