Workshop on Personal Grooming


The Department of Human Resource Management, in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), organized an insightful session on 'Personal Grooming' for the undergraduates of the department.

Mrs. Avanthi Barnard, HR Consultant, and General Manager at Steps Construction (Pvt) Ltd, led the session, which took place in MFLT 04 starting at 01:00 P.M. on 29th November 2023. Mr. Sampath Rathwatta, Central Manager of CIPM Galle Branch, and Study Program Coordinator of CIPM Galle Branch were also active participants. The session commenced with a warm welcome and an introductory speech delivered by the Head of the Department of Human Resource Management. Expressing gratitude on behalf of the attendees, Miss M.M.T.V. Samudrika an enthusiastic undergraduate, delivered the vote of thanks. This insightful session proved immensely valuable, providing students with essential insights to refine skills in communication, morale, manners, professionalism, and relationship-building. It was a remarkable occasion aimed at equipping undergraduates with practical knowledge for their personal and professional development.


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