Ratnayaka, R.M. (Mr.)

MCom (Ruh, SL), BCom (Pdn, SL), Reading for PhD (Ruh, SL)

Senior Lecturer 
Department of Human Resource Management
Faculty of Management and Finance
University of Ruhuna, Matara
Sri Lanka

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R.M.ratnayaka is working as a Senior lecturer attached to the Deparment of Management & Entrepreneurship, Faculty of management and Finance, University of Ruhuna , he is obtained his Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Univesiry of Peradaniya in 1982 and earned Master of Commerce Post graduate Degree from university of Ruhuna in 1997 . Now He is reading for his Phd in Human resource Management .He is a lecturer and cource coordinator of Management & Organizational Anaysis in Master of Business Adminstration program. He is teaching , General management , Human resource management,Career management cources at the department.His research focuses on the impact of Human resource management practice on firm performance , Human capital development ,


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Reading for PhD in human resource management practices and firm performance.

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