“Athwela”, CSR Project Creates Memorable Impact at MR/Kanahalagama Junior College

The Circle of Human Resource Development (Circle of HRD) of the Department of Human Resource Management at the University of Ruhuna has once again made a remarkable impact through its annual CSR project, 'Athwela.' This year, the project centred its efforts on MR/Kanahalagama Junior College, a rural school in Akuressa, with the goal of uplifting the educational environment and supporting the students' aspirations.
MR/Kanahalagama Junior College with 130 students ranging from grades 1 to 11, faces significant economic challenges that limit their access to essential educational resources. Recognizing the need for assistance, the Circle of HRD undertook the 'Athwela' initiative,  with the objective of providing vital educational resources and motivating the students to pursue their dreams.
In collaboration with Nippon Paint, a significant step was taken towards improving the school's infrastructure. On the 17th of June 2023, the school premises underwent a vibrant transformation as the dedicated students of the Circle of HRD successfully completed the painting project. The newly painted surroundings now provide a more conducive learning environment, enhancing the student's educational experience.

Furthermore, on the 28th of June 2023, a special event was organized to distribute stationery items and an office cupboard to the school children. The ceremony was filled with enthusiasm and joy as the students and academic staff from the Department of Human Resource Management actively participated for the event. The warm welcome and hospitality extended by MR/Kanahalagama Junior School were heartwarming, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

The 'Athwela' CSR project not only benefited the students of MR/Kanahalagama  Junior School  but also served as an invaluable learning experience for the undergraduates of the Department of Human Resource Management. By actively engaging in these initiatives, the students are developing essential leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility, preparing them to become future leaders and managers with a deep understanding of community engagement

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