The Department aims to create highly employable HRM graduates that are equipped with a comprehensive mix of knowledge, skills and competencies at the cutting edge of current best practices in the field of HRM. All students enrolled in the Faculty of Management and Finance is required to follow a common curriculum in first five semesters. The common program is intended to provide a thorough understanding of basic concepts in all functional areas in Business Management with a view to give them an opportunity to make better-informed choice of the specialization area for the last three semesters of the degree program. Students who select the HRM specialization area will be able get a sound knowledge about HRM.   


Name of Qualification  Bachelor of Business Administration Honors (Human Resources Management) 
Abbreviated Qualifications  BBA Hons (Human Resource Management)
Medium English
Number of Credits   120
Durations 4 Years
SLQF  Level  6
Old Syllabus New Syllabus
1000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 1101 Business Mathematics and Statistics BBA 11013 Principles of Management
BBA 1102 Financial Accounting BBA 11023 Business Mathematics and Statistics
BBA 1103 General English BBA 11033 Microeconomics
BBA 1104 Management BBA 11043 Information and Communication Technology
BBA 1105 Micro Economics BBA 11053 Business English
1000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 1201 Business English I BBA 12013 Entrepreneurship
BBA 1202 Entrepreneurship BBA 12023 Financial Accounting
BBA 1203 Financial Management BBA 12033 Human Resource Management
BBA 1204 Human Resource Management BBA 12043 Introductory Finance
BBA 1205 Information and Communication Technology I BBA 12053 Marketing Management
BBA 1206 Marketing Management    
2000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 2101 Business English II BBA 21013 Cost and Management Accounting
BBA 2102 Cost and Management Accounting BBA 21023 Macroeconomics
BBA 2103 Information and Communication Technology II BBA 21033 Organizational Behavior
BBA 2104 Operations Research BBA 21043 Operations Research
BBA 2105 Organizational Behaviour BBA 21053 Advanced Business English
2000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 2201 Operations Management BBA 22013 Business Law
BBA 2202 Business Law BBA 22023 Operations Management
HRM 2240 Career Management HRM 22403 Career Management
HRM 2241 Employee Safety and Health Management HRM 22413  Employee Safety and Health Management
HRM 2242 Peoples Resourcing HRM 22423  People Resourcing
3000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 3101 Macro Economics BBA 31013  Management Information Systems
BBA 3102 Project Management
HRM 3140 Human Resource and Quality Management HRM 31403 Human Resource Development
HRM 3141 Industrial Relation and Labour Law HRM 31413 Industrial Relations and Labor Law
HRM 3142 Performance and Rewards Management HRM 31423 Performance Management
    HRM 31433 Project Management
3000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 3201 Strategic Management BBA 32013 Strategic Management
BBA 3202 Management Information Systems
HRM 3240 Human Resource Development HRM 32403 Compensation Management
HRM 3241 International Human Resource Management HRM 32413 International Human Resource Management
HRM 3242 Personnel Economics HRM 32423 Workplace Counselling
    HRM 32433 Research Methodology
4000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 4101 Dissertation I BBA 41013 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BBA 4102  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
HRM 4140 Labour Market Analysis HRM 41403 Data Analysis for Research
HRM 4141 Research Methodology HRM 41413 Human Resource and Total Quality Management
HRM 4142 Strategic Human Resource Management HRM 41423 Personnel Economics
HRM 4143 Work Place Counseling HRM 41433 Strategic Human Resource Management
4000 Level 2nd Semester    
 BBA 4101  Dissertation II BBA 42019  Dissertation
 BBA 4102  Internship BBA 42026 Internship


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