Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Specialized in Accounting is designed to provide a solid background in the application of accounting practices together with the knowledge and skills on business fundamentals. Students in the Faculty of Management and Finance, at the end of their second-year first-semester, can opt to enroll in this program provided that they have met the selection criteria stipulated by the Department of Accounting and Finance. The program includes a range of contemporary course units in the field of accounting which are conducted entirely in English language. During the final semester of the program, every student is required to undergo an internship training relating to their major in a selected business firm.

Current students specializing in accounting have created a vibrant learning environment which includes various extracurricular activities as well. For example, the students enrolling into this program can join hands with the Circle of Accounting, a student study circle, to enrich their extracurricular experiences.

The program is coordinated by the Department of Accounting and Finance. We invite talented students interested in the field of accounting to join with the program and become professionals in accounting.


Name of Qualification  Bachelor of Business Administration Honors (Accounting) 
Abbreviated Qualifications  BBA Hons (Accounting)
Medium English
Number of Credits   120
Durations 4 Years
SLQF  Level  6
Old Syllabus New Syllabus
1000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 1101 Business Mathematics and Statistics BBA 11013 Principles of Management
BBA 1102 Financial Accounting BBA 11023 Business Mathematics and Statistics
BBA 1103 General English BBA 11033 Microeconomics
BBA 1104 Management BBA 11043 Information and Communication Technology
BBA 1105 Micro Economics BBA 11053 Business English
1000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 1201 Business English I BBA 12013 Entrepreneurship
BBA 1202 Entrepreneurship BBA 12023 Financial Accounting
BBA 1203 Financial Management BBA 12033 Human Resource Management
BBA 1204 Human Resource Management BBA 12043 Introductory Finance
BBA 1205 Information and Communication Technology I BBA 12053 Marketing Management
BBA 1206 Marketing Management    
2000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 2101 Business English II BBA 21013 Cost and Management Accounting
BBA 2102 Cost and Management Accounting BBA 21023 Macroeconomics
BBA 2103 Information and Communication Technology II BBA 21033 Organizational Behavior
BBA 2104 Operations Research BBA 21043 Operations Research
BBA 2105 Organizational Behaviour BBA 21053 Advanced Business English
2000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 2201 Operations Management BBA 22013 Business Law
BBA 2202 Business Law BBA 22023 Operations Management
ACC 2210 Accounting Theory and Practice ACC 22103 Computer Applications in Accounting
ACC 2211 Computer Application in Accounting ACC 22113 Introductory Econometrics
ACC 2212 Taxation ACC 22123 Taxation
3000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 3101 Macro Economics BBA 31013 Management Information Systems
BBA 3102 Project Management
ACC 3110 Advanced Taxation ACC 31103 Accounting Theory and Practice
ACC 3111 Corporate Law ACC 31113 Advanced Taxation and Corporate Law
ACC 3112 Financial Reporting ACC 31123 Financial Information Analysis
    ACC 31133 Project Management
3000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 3201 Strategic Management BBA 32013 Strategic Management
BBA 3202 Management Information Systems
ACC 3210 Audit and Assurance ACC 32103 Audit and Assurance
ACC 3211 Strategic Financial Management ACC 32113 Corporate Governance
ACC 3212 Strategic Management Accounting ACC 32123 Financial Reporting
    ACC 32133 Strategic Management Accounting
4000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 4101 Dissertation I BBA 41013 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BBA 4102 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
ACC 4110 Advanced Financial Reporting ACC 41103 Corporate Reporting
ACC 4111 Financial Statement Analysis ACC 41113 Public Sector Accounting and Finance
ACC 4112 Public Sector Accounting and Finance ACC 41123 Research Methodology
ACC 4113 Research Methodology ACC 41333 Strategic Finance
4000 Level 2nd Semester
 BBA 4101  Dissertation II ACC 42019 Dissertation
 BBA 4102  Internship ACC 42026 Internship
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