Students enrolling in the Faculty are, first, given a solid grounding in the fields of Management and Finance through a range of common courses. Then, they are given the opportunity of specializing in one of four fields, namely Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management and Marketing depending on their interests and capabilities.
Each student needs to earn 120 or more credits of which more than 60 credits should belong to the chosen specialization area. The curriculum for each specialization field is enriched with latest course modules that match with the contemporary developments in the respective field.
Our well designed and up-to-date curriculum, together with extracurricular activities, aims at producing graduates with a high degree of Scholarship, Professionalism and Humanity. Therefore, our graduates are highly employable and capable of having business on their own. Moreover, the Humanity aspect enriches them with qualities like empathy, affection and compassion to make them global citizens. 


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