logo hrd A philosophy of Human Resource Management, based on the belief that human resources are uniquely important to sustained business success. An organization gains competitive advantage by using its people effectively. As a responsible party to give the successful product for the job market, The Department of Human Resource Management established circle of Human Resource Development by targeting the students who specialized in Human Resource Management stream in the BBA degree program at the Faculty. Circle of Human Resource Development is a students’ study circle which is formed by the students of Human Resource Management Specialization in the BBA degree program. This study circle is supervised and guided by an academic committee from Department of Human Resource Management. In order to underpin the aims of the up-to –date curriculum of the faculty, the circle is supposed to organize wide variety of educational and social programs such as workshops for soft skill development trough activity based learning, seminars, field visits and fund raising and special educational programs for child orphanage houses which develop the students’ unique strengths to face the challenges in the business world.

Our vision

We shall be an organization to explore and promote the Human Resource Discipline.

 Our Mission

Explore the Human Resource Management competencies with the students, personnel and professional bodies in Human Resource Management territory for the development of required human capital that foster the economic well-being of the country.



  • To maintain relationships among Human Resource professional bodies and professionals for the purpose of gaining benefits acquiring their expertise, experiences to the university undergraduate.
  • To deliver explored knowledge to the university community.
  • To establish healthy relationships with Human Resource Management specialized graduates of the university for the purpose of sharing views & opinions to the development of the society.
  • To promote Human Resource discipline
  • To improve inter personal skills cohesiveness among the undergraduates


Office Bearers

The new office bearers who were appointed for the year 2023-2024 at the General Meeting was held on 16 th November 2023, are as follows.

President N. Natheeshan  MF/2020/6159
Secretary   K.C. Swarnamali  MF/2020/6135
Vice president    A.M.C.C. Aththanayaka  MF/2021/6973
Co-secretary   M.M.T.V. Samudrika  MF/2021/6668
Senior Treasurer   Dr. M.T Thedushika De Silva  Senior Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management
Junior Treasurer   D.K.Y.S. Dikkumbura  MF/2020/6517
Junior Editor   W.G.I.S. Senarathna  MF/2020/6246
 Assistant Editor      D. Manusha  MF/2021/6628
   J.L.N.P. Jayathunga  MF/2021/6759
Content Writer   A.M.A.N. Gunarathna  MF/2021/7074
Committee members   N.A.T.D. Maheepala MF/2020/6190
  P.K.D.L. Rashmitha MF/2020/6502
  W.S.H. Chamudi MF/2020/6237
  R.A. Wijemanna MF/2020/6495
  U G.Y. Madhuranga MF/2021/6740
  W.T.N. Saranga MF/2021/6649
  S. Guruge MF/2021/6806
  P.S. Ranasinghe MF/2021/6664
Chief Advisor   Manjula K. Wanniarachchige, (Dr.), (Prof) 

 Dean, Faculty of Management and Finance
Co-Advisor   Jayarani Ramawickrama,(Dr)  Head, Department of Human Resource Management



Circle of Human Recourses Development.

Faculty of Management &Finance,

University of Ruhuna,Matara

Sri Lanka.

Mobile: +9471 533 8217 
Official Facebook Page: Circle of HRD


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