Is there an orientation programme for the newcomers to the Faculty?

Answer: Yes, the newcomers are receiving an opportunity to participate in a solid orientation programme before starting their academic programme.


Is there a student counseling service in the Faculty?

Answer: Yes. The faulty has a student counseling service comprising with a deputy senior student counselor and other student counselors.


How can I obtain the information regarding the hostel facilities?

Answer: Information can be obtained from the Student affairs branch in the University. The University calls applications for hostel facilities at the time of the registration of newcomers.


How can I select Specialization area?

Answer: The students who wish to specialize in a particular area, selected based on their performance at the 1000 level second semester end examinations.


How are the grades calculated in the Faculty?

Answer: Grades are calculated by Continuous Assessments (30 marks) and Semester End Examination (70 marks).


What is GPA and how it is calculated in the Faculty?

Answer: Grade Point Average (GPA) is the arithmetic mean of the credit weighted grade point values. The GPA is determined by dividing the total credit weighted Grade point value by the total number of credits.


Are there industrial visits during the academic programme?

Answer: Yes, there are industrial visits organized by the different departments to equip the students with the practical exposure.


Are there opportunities for internship provided by the Faculty?

Answer: Yes. Based on the placements received by the Faculty, Students have a chance of getting placements for their internship.

Is there any opportunity to get career advice?

Answer: Yes, the Career Guidance Unit of the University help the students to improve their future career. This Unit conducts various programmes to upgrade the awareness of undergraduates regarding the available employment opportunities.

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