The Bachelor of Business Administration Honours in Finance degree program produces graduates of high calibre who can cater to the emerging needs in the finance profession both locally and internationally. Being a four-year honours degree program placed at SLQF level 6, this degree program covers 120 credits. By following this program, the students will learn major concepts, theories, and techniques of finance, together with other essential skills such as communication skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills required to understand and manage the factors shaping the modern finance sphere. Further, the compulsory independent research project promotes life-long learning skills and competencies in building defendable arguments. At the same time, the internship training exposes students to the industry, giving an experience of how knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have acquired are applied in a corporate environment. As a result, finance graduates have excellent career prospects in corporations, banks, and other financial institutions; or can otherwise choose to develop their businesses. 


Name of Qualification  Bachelor of Business Administration Honors (Finance) 
Abbreviated Qualifications  BBA Hons (Finance)
Medium English
Number of Credits   120
Durations 4 Years
SLQF  Level  6
New Syllabus
1000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 11013 Principles of Management
BBA 11023 Business Mathematics and Statistics
BBA 11033 Microeconomics
BBA 11043 Information and Communication Technology
BBA 11053 Business English
1000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 12013 Entrepreneurship
BBA 12023 Financial Accounting
BBA 12033 Human Resource Management
BBA 12043 Introductory Finance
BBA 12053 Marketing Management
2000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 21013 Cost and Management Accounting
BBA 21023 Macroeconomics
BBA 21033 Organizational Behavior
BBA 21043 Operations Research
BBA 21053 Advanced Business English
2000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 22013 Business Law
BBA 22023 Operations Management
FIN 22103 Corporate Finance
FIN 22313 Introductory Econometrics
FIN 22323 Microfinance
3000 Level 1st Semester
BBA 31013 Management Information Systems
FIN 31303 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 31313 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management- I
FIN 31323 Financial Information Analysis
FIN 31333 Personal Finance and Financial Planning
3000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 32013 Strategic Management
FIN 32303 Principles of Banking
FIN 32313 Corporate Governance
FIN 32323 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management- II
FIN 32333 Tax planning
4000 Level 1st Semester
FIN 41303 Behavioral Finance
FIN 41313 International Finance
FIN 41323 Research Methodology
FIN 41333 Strategic Finance
FIN 41343 Risk and Insurance
4000 Level 2nd Semester
BBA 42019 Dissertation
BBA 42026 Internship
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