Karunaratna A.C., (Dr).(prof)  

Head of the Department

Marketing is considered as the heart and soul of most of the business entities, since nearly every type of business uses marketing professionals in some way. The scope of marketing professionals working within an organization ranges from Sales Managers to Chief Executives of Marketing. A person with a marketing degree will generally enter into their professions through sales in some capacity, but they can easily work their way through the ranks.

Due to its vast importance within the business world, the basic objective of our degree program is to develop superior, calibre marketing professionals with creative and up to date thinking. The marketing degree will give the students necessary skills and competency that might be able to work in any industry exist today.

Upon completion of our degree program, students are given the chance to work as marketers in a variety of job fields including retailing, advertising, communications, branding, consulting, tourism, marketing research, international marketing and so on.

The broader knowledge of marketing is delivered by a dedicated team of academic members having local and foreign exposure. The people attached to the department share their experience with students by delivering theoretical knowledge and engaging in field projects and real-life case issues.

So, as the Head of the Department, I cordially invite you to join with our program and get the maximum benefits from us.

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