The Entrepreneurship Study Circle was established in 2007 with the vision to become a leading organization which enhances the entrepreneurship in national and international context. Mission of the circle is contributing to create an entrepreneurial culture in the country by coordinating with entrepreneurship related organizations and individuals and generating youth with entrepreneurial knowledge to donate social and human capital for develop economically prosperous nation.

  • To boost the Faculty of Management and Finance in the university system by promoting the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship as the leading department in the University of Ruhuna.
  • To generate an intelligent nation that rich with entrepreneurial knowledge.
  • To educate the significance of the entrepreneurship area to all field for social and economic development.
  • To enhance the personality of members through developing their leadership qualities.
  • To build up corporation among different groups as well as among lecturers and students and enhance student collaboration.
  • To establish healthy network of relationship with different types of organization.
  • To enhance the identity of Ruhuna University by setting the background towards sharpening their own entrepreneurship skills to move international level

Key Student Officers

President M.A.S.D. Fernando
Secretar L.P. Dissanayaka
Vice President I.W.C. Theekshana
Assistant Secretary R.A.M.A. Mihisarani
Junior Treasurer J.P.Y.K. Wanigasekara
Editor M.R.F.A. Razana
Committee members R.M. Anoma Kumari
A.A.D.S. Madhushan
H.K.K. Samanmalee
G.K.D.G.P. Buddhika

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