Welcoming 2000-Level HRM Students


The Department of Human Resource Management, jointly with the HRD Circle, organized an event to warmly welcome a new group of students—specifically, second-year undergraduates—entering the HRM specialization. Taking place on  08th November  2023, at MFLT 06, the event featured a dynamic program with dance performances and entertaining acts organized by 3000-level students to extend a warm welcome to their 2000-level counterparts. Dr. Hemamali, the Head of the Department of Human Resource Management, delivered the main speech, providing an overview of the department, detailing its mission, and outlining future plans. Dr. Thedushika, Senior Lecturer of the department, also addressed the gathering, speaking on current job opportunities in the field. Mr. Isuru Janith, Vice President of the HRD Circle, and Miss Kiruli Lasangi, Vice Secretary of the HRD Circle also addressed the gathering. The afternoon was both inspiring and memorable, marking a special welcome for the 2000-level undergraduates joining the Department of Human Resource Management

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