South Asian Journal of Business Insights

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ISSN (Print): 2773-7012

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In the quest for continuous amelioration and advancement of regional research, the Ruhuna Journal of Management and Finance (RJMF) has been renamed from 2021 as the South Asian Journal of Business Insights (SAJBI), and has redirected its publication scope to focus specifically on the South Asian Context.

The South Asian Journal of Business Insights welcomes papers focusing on the South Asian business and management context, in the following subject areas (non-exhaustive):

Business Accounting
Business Economics
Education and Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
International Business Management
Management Information Systems
Marketing Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management


South Asian Journal of Business Insights (SAJBI), a peer reviewed biannual journal, published by the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Ruhuna, for the perusal of academics, researchers, and practitioners, aims not only to showcase the application of theoretical knowledge to modern business reality; but also to encourage the advancement of theoretical knowledge through empirical research.

The processes and activities of the modern business environment are critically examined for the identification and comprehension of intricacies and interconnections within. SAJBI provides scholars and researchers with free online publication with prompt and rigorous peer review.

SAJBI welcomes research centered on the fields aligned with business management, with special focus on the South Asian context.

Open Access Policy
Each article accepted to SAJBI will be freely available online immediately upon publication.