Business Clinic 2017

University of Ruhuna
Southern Provincial Development Authority

Business Clinic 2017

The project is in order to upgrade the latest business knowledge, strategies and processes with the involvement of related government and private institutions such as Export Board, Banks, Securities & Exchange Control Commission, Environmental Authority, Sri Lanka Standards Institution etc, with the ultimate intention of get the businesses more structured and formalized in nature enabling business success and common gain. The project will be initially aimed at business ventures established in Matara District as the pilot project of which to be extended to Galle and Hambanthota District accordingly upon the success of the pilot project in Matara.

Why “Business Clinic is a necessity today?

Businesses play a vital economic role in the society contributing to national output and employment generation, more focus should be given to upgrade businesses for the betterment of whole society.

It is pertinent to observe that many business ventures and the ownerships are lacking basic business knowledge, proper structures and strategies for sustainable survival in the game of rigorous competition. According to the statistics, the population percentage in southern province is 12.19% approx. from the total population of Sri Lanka (cited from Handbook of Censes & Statistic division, Chief Secretary’s Office, Southern Provincial Council, 2015). Out of the total population, 32,117 are engaged as employers in Southern Province, who run their own businesses in different scale of operations and sectors which is 3.2% of total employment in Southern Province (Censes & statistics department, Sri Lanka, 2014).

Who's Speaking?

Objectives of Business Clinic

The project, Business Clinic will be focused to provide independent and bespoke support as per following specific objectives:
To formalize the unstructured business entities through appropriate business registration, licensing within in the regulatory framework (based on the type of business)
To provide knowledge on creating new business entities and governing compliances
To gain an exposure and awareness on international trade (export and import) practices and procedures
To enhance the knowledge on Labor related issues, Maintaining industrial relations and Labor Laws of Sri Lanka
To enhance the awareness on Business Financing and Investment Alternatives
To enhance the awareness on Legal issues of the business and Environmental issues
To encourage the entrepreneurs in participation of new vocational training courses to enhance their rational business knowledge.

Expectations of working together

The project would be beneficial for many stakeholders directly as well as indirectly through the active engagement of local business community, Southern Provincial Development Authority and the University of Ruhuna for making a real difference in business ventures in Southern Province.

The expected outcomes of the project will be presented as follows:

  • To ensure the structured nature of business ventures through proper registration
  • To enrich core business knowledge and procedures specified to the nature of the business
  • To expand the business potential through impartial support and advice given through the project
  • To improve the business visibility and credibility which will increase the bottom line of the entity
  • To absorb the essence of the exposure on corporate legal matters, legal protections and regulatory compliances
  • To get hands with the entrepreneurs in the southern region
  • To identify the capacity and potentials in current business ventures
  • To liaise with investors and authorities in order to promote local businesses and profitable opportunities
  • To expand the exposure of network of business sector and affiliated partners
  • To share the business experiences, practical issues and challenging aspects with the involvement of students
  • To enhance the entrepreneurial interest and spirit among the students with the latest business knowledge and exposure

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Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Ruhuna
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